'Little Squishy',2021, jersey, wire, wood, wool

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'Burt Lunge', 2018, photographed by Daisy

'Burt', 2019, photographed by Mark Sherratt

'A tower of two men', (Clive and Burt), 2018

'Whats the time Mr Wolf', half of Dave and half the real Dave, 2019, photographed by Mark Sherratt

'Clive as part of the furniture', 2018, photo by Daisy

'Hillary and the pea', 2019, photo by Daisy

'Better together', 2019

'Susan Selfie', 2021, photographed by Daisy

Platform | Daisy Collingridge - Behind The Scenes Screening, Unit Gallery. 2021

'Dave, a portrait', 2019

'Clive; a portrait, 2018, photographed by Daisy

'Lippy Reclined', 2016, photo by Daisy

'Dance', featuring Lippy, 2016, filmed by Mark Sherratt

'Nigella reclined', 2016, photo by Daisy

'Walk this way', (Hillary), 2019