scomboandfriends IMG_9922 bluebear1 IMG_9983 greville

Detail from 'Scombo', 2015, free machine quilting and needle punched distressed cotton

'Scombo', 2015, cotton, jersey, wadding, wool, wire, wood, 150x70x60cm

'Blue', 2014, wool, cotton, wadding, joints, 32x14x12 cm

IMG_0154 mumanddad

'A portrait of mum and dad', 2016, featuring 'Harold' and 'Selkie' both made in 2015

'Grevile', 2014, the original, silk, cotton, wadding, 45x15x20cm

'Harold', 2015, wood, cotton, jersey, felt, wadding, 30x45x35cm