Daisy is an artist with an education in fashion design and a practise driven by craft. Her multi-disciplinary work investigates of the human form as the central theme. The work sits in an awkward space between, sculpture, performance and art. The ‘flesh suits’ or ‘Squishies’ are an exploration of fabric, form and flesh. Their tactile fabric bodies and inviting colour exaggerate the warmth and softness of flesh- these elements which signify a living thing. They are visceral. There is a desire to touch. Fabric offers skin like qualities that traditional sculpting materials do not have. Unlike marble or ceramic, they will not last forever, just like skin. The medium is more approachable and laced with meaning given that we all come into contact with fabric on a daily basis.

Each piece has their own character. They become real and take on their own identity. It feels natural to document their living moving selves in their own fantasy world. Yet their world mirrors our own with its heady mix of melancholy and joy. At the core of the work is a celebration of the human form. This complex body that we all exist in for a time. It asks the viewer to consider the body in every form and observe its potential.



2010-2014: Central St Martins

BA diploma fashion design womenswear

2009-2010: Loughborough University

Art and Design Foundation

Exhibitions and Residencies :

Sarabande Foundation Artist in Resident, London, 2020 [Current]

UNIT Gallery London, Platform Exhibition, July 2021 [Current online]

'Served', Group Exhibition at the Sarabande Foundation, London, 12th August - September 2nd, 2021
J Hammond Projects Artist in Resident, The Bomb Factory, London, Feb-March, 2020
‘Ctrl/Shift’ Exhibition; 62 Group: MAC, Birmingham; 2018, National Centre for Craft and Design, Sleaford, 2019, Visual Arts Centre, 2020
'Zeitgiest' 108 Fine Art, Harrogate 9th November-30th November, 2019
‘The House of the Unmade bed’, Alexandra Palace, RDS Dublin and HCC Harrogate, 2019

Awards, Publications & Commissions

Commissioned piece for Gentle Monster as part of their ‘Redefinition of Eyewear’ Project, July 2020
Trebutchet, Contemporary Surrealism, Issue 8, p172-176, 2020
Hi Fructose, New Contemporary Art Magazine Vol.55 p32-p37, 2020

Tush, Beauty & the Beast Story, AW 2019
World of Wearable Arts, New Zealand, 2016, International Winner
Tim Walker shoot, Love Magazine, Spring 2015 featuring Agnes Deyn Commission for Björk, 2015 Concert au Grand Théâtre, Lyon, Fulcinara

Further Online Material:

Unit Gallery London, Platform Viewing Room
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This is Colossal; 'Squishy flesh suits quilted by textile artist Daisy Collingridge